Thursday, 17 October 2013

Melbourne Trip September 2013 Part 3

This is the last part of my 3 part series on Melbourne - Sunday :)

We had debated all weekend over what to do today. The plan had always been to go to the St. Kilda markets, then head back to the CBD, get our bags and go to the airport. However, as it happens with all good plans, it changed; we heard on the city loop tram that there's a market on at Docklands every sunday, so we decided to head there instead.

However, we walked out of the hotel on Sunday (after going to bed with it raining) to see bright blue skies. So we scrapped the new plan and went to St. Kilda. Lucky we did, since we were greeted with this view....

It was a gorgeous sunny day, so we were happy to wander and find Breakfast, in no rush. We stumbled across a small cafe called Rococo, which could do a variety of Gluten Free options, but first up was a coffee ;) 

For Breakfast, I went out of my comfort zone. I usually like to stick with just Pancakes or Bacon and Toast, since I'm not a huuuuge egg fan. Like seriously, it's scrambled or not at all. But I decided to take a chance on an omelet....

....and boy was I rewarded for my bravery; it was superb! It was light, fluffy and full of flavour. The bread was also pretty good - however, I suspect that was due to the amount of butter I applied to it - I haven't found a restaurant that does overly good bread, but I love that they do it anyway. The cafe staff were incredibly helpful and a special mention must go to our main waiter, who was very nice and had a wonderful Irish accent ;)

It was a fantastic day to be at the markets and we cherished the weather by taking our time to wander and enjoy the atmosphere. 

After a few hours there, we headed back to the CBD and the hotel, grabbed our bags and cookie dough from the hotel freezer and left for the airport. A quick question to Melbourne friends: What is this a statue of? It led to quite a few arguments in the taxi....

After a very uneventful check in and small wait, we got on the plane to head home after a crazy weekend away. The food and the flight home was no where near as good on the way there - we got a beverage, since everyone else got biscuits :( Lucky I was prepared and bought snacks!

Anyone else head to the expo and learnt anything new?

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