Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tasting Australia 2014 - Thursday Night Dinner

On the night that Mum and I partook in our Gin blending Share Session, we decided to stick around Town Square and see what it had to offer in the way of dinner.

By the time it got to Thursday, all of the regional tents were open, so we had plenty of choices - it just came down to what could cater for us. A lot of them had a selection of local wineries sampling some of their more popular wines and then one or two fresh food choices. 

My first choice would have been a burger from the Brassiere Stand from the Hilton and the mussels from the Eyre Peninsula. Unfortunately for me, the Burger wasn't Gluten Free and I chickened out on the mussels as I had never tried them and was scared to try -_- I'm terrible with trying new things...

For Dinner and dessert we went to the Barossa, Be Consumed Tent to the Cafe Y area. For dinner, Mum decided to go for the Goat Curry, whilst I went for Wood Fried Barossa Pork Belly with a Garlic Mash, Shiraz Grenache Mouvedre Glaze and Caramelised Quince topped with Snow Pea Sprouts. The Pork was just amazing - it fell apart and made me want to go back for a second serving, had I not already decided what I wanted off of the dessert menu...

The Apple, Quince and Rhubarb Crumble with thick Jersey Cream was just what I needed after an evening of Gin tasting and the Pork and Goat dinners. Mum and I decided to share, which was a good choice in the end as del probably wouldn't have been able to finish one each! The crumble was just fantastic, and the best part was that it didn't taste Gluten Free - two big thumbs up from us! 

All in all, it was a fantastic night out, which made me regret not being able to get in there for more events. Come 2016 for the next event, you won't be able to get me away! And after the huge success of this years event, after 2016 it will be an annual event :) 

Thanks must go to Jon and Sarah Lark and the team from KISpirits - next time I'm on KI, visiting you will be at the top of my to-do list! 

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