Monday, 2 September 2013

Sprout Cooking Course Part 2

So here is Part 2 of my Sprout Cooking adventure! This time, the main meal :) But before we could cook and eat it, we had a discussion on restaurants around the Adelaide area that are allergy friendly...some of which I'll be visiting soon to give you an opinion on :)

A fact that is very well known around my family and friends is that I am not a seafood person. In fact, that is a gross understatement - a previous partner would never eat any since I wouldn't go anywhere near him afterwards! However, there are two exceptions to this rule (and don't ask me the logic behind, because I don't know!) - Salmon and Scallops. 

Salmon is due to being able to cook it to get a crispy skin (as shown above) and Scallops are because I had the most amazing Scallops in Seattle - they were topped with crispy Bacon and BBQ Sauce ;)

So when Callum and Themis announced the main course, I was surprisingly excited...This Salmon was crumbed in uncooked Quinoa with some herbs and spices, fried off in a pan to seal all the flavours then popped into the oven to cook properly. 

Check out the Quinoa!! It went so crispy and crunchy and the Salmon cooked perfectly and just fell away as we were eating it!

We then served it with a Pumpkin, Brussel Sprout and Pinenut Salad which had a Honey Balsamic dressing - just perfection!

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